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[TUTORIAL] Scan Blending with Quixel Mixer



  • Jimbobaggins

    Hi Josh

    Thanks for a great tutorial.

    I took it a little further adding other debris and liquid and snow to get a pine forest cliff, where the wind had blown debris into the moss which was then covered in snow and ice and is melting in the sunlight. I chose to rotate the rock to get a more cliff like strata and used masks on debris layers so that it looked caught in the moss.

    I thought this might be a good extension or continuation for your tutorial

    I was going to add a zip of the exported files but couldn't figure out how.


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  • Josh



    Excellent changes! I really dig the additions you made, and rotating the rock was a great way to really sell that as a cliff face. Nice work! 


    I think my only comment/feedback would be to shift the moss and pine colors to be a bit more yellow/brown. With the snow introduced to the scene, it might help sell the cooler temperature if the greens weren't quite so lush :) 


    Fantastic work! 

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