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need to export alpha channel from mixer




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    Jonathan (Community Manager)

    There's no current method to do this that I'm aware of aside from a workaround you can try, which I'll detail below:

    Start with the mix:



    Add a black layer, press 2 to enter Albedo mode, and set Wrap to Base to 1:


    Create a white layer, set Wrap to Base to 1. Set the Blend to From Above. Adjust Threshold, Radius, and Preserve Details until you've got your desired mask effect:





    Export the albedo only by selecting the Export tab and unchecking all non-albedo maps:




    Viola, you've got a mask!

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  • Bromble

    Thank you so much!

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  • Anytime!

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  • FrankyT

    Just found a way to do this easily, I plug the Opacity map in the Metalness(rarely used) and put metalness in my alpha channel of my albedo.

    Needed a way to consolidate some atlases. Works perfectly!

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