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[Mixer] Noise-based workflow troubles, and other suggestions




  • Jin

    Hi Glitchi!

    As I said on Discord, thank you again for your feedback! We really appreciate hearing users thoughts and how we could improve our softwares.

    • > Crashing issue: A blue screen crash is usually linked to hardware issue. Check your CPU Clocking, RAM, GPU driver (Windows latest update is 1809 and not 1803, I'm running 1809 here!)

      > That said, your GPU is not the strongest in the market and might struggle with high res (like 8K) Mixer projects. Which resolution did you crash with? Maybe try to work in 2K and change the resolution when exporting. Try and let me know!

      > Last but not least, in order for us to create a ticket, please, head over here (click) and post your crash issue only. To seperate it from your feedback, thank you in advance!

    • We already have planned to support Imperfection maps in the future, it will come in a future Mixer release!
    • Regarding forum improvements, sorry about the confusion! We are working on it to improve it soonly. I can always move your post to another category topic don't worry :)


    Let me know if you have any further questions,


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  • glitchi

    Hey, thanks for replying. Regarding your thoughts and suggestions:

    As you may be very well aware, 1809 was not the greatest and stablest release out there, and 1903 is being rolled out very carefully now by MS to avoid further disasters - and I sure did learn my lesson, so I made the updates to be available only for "widespread use in organisations", basically means it will take some months before that feature release becomes stable enough. And I am not in desperate need for RTX features right now. But that's just me rambling. That said, I know my 2060 is not the strongest one and it actually might be the case it is getting confused from the noises at 4K and crashes. The material i was trying to do requires kinda intricate detail, so I'll be more careful. Oh and I am running latest game drivers from nvidia. And i dont overclock my CPU or wahtever, can't be too safe, you know?

    All in all I'll just wait out for the newer update of the mixer at this point, still need to learn other interesting workflows (i'm looking at that city house material video and it's looking sweet) - so no rush on my side.

    Do what you do, I'm sure you are on the right trajectory, keep winning new users who want to switch. Happy to be a part of a driven team. Let's have fun!

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  • Jin

    I have 1809, many different softwares (CPU/GPU based softwares, non-3D softwares etc) and it's all very stable! For me at least.

    Could you copy-paste your suggestions in our feature request page? We already saw your suggestions but for the community, it would be nice to share it in the appropriate forum page, just in case it might help or inspire for more ideas! As I said, feel free to make different post, we won't take it as spam at all!

    We appreciate your kind words Glitchi! Thank you for being a part of our amazing community and stay tuned for upcoming tools updates!

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