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Wood Veneers




  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    The veneers in question were developed primarily for architectural usage. These scans were created so that they could be used as paneling for table tops, cabinets, and other home furnishings. For now, if you'd like to use these scans, you'll need to mask out the panel edges using Mixer. This is easier than it might sound, so I'll quickly demonstrate how to do it.

    Begin by adding the veneer of your choice to a new Mixer project:


    Press CTRL+D to duplicate the layer:


    On the duplicate layer, set the Offset Y to 0.5. Set Wrap to Base to 1, and the Threshold of From Below to 2:

    This will move the seam to the center of the texture. Add a Paint Mask. Using a small brush, paint randomly around the seam to remove it and blend it in with the existing texture:


    And that's all there is to it! Total time is roughly three minutes per adjustment.


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  • Kiersten R.

    This was extremely helpful! 

    Thank you so much for your quick response. 

    -Kiersten R. 

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  • Jin

    Hi Kiersten,

    We've recently added a lot of woods. Just a heads up, check them out and let us know what you think and if you have more scan request(s) to share. More scans to come in the future :)

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