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Quixel mixer error?




  • Jin

    Hi Knunckel,

    Could you please specify which software? I see you posted in Megascans Support but you mentioned Mixer in your title.  We will need more specific information in order to help 🙂. You also mention "grey material", I suppose in a 3d Software like UE4 or 3ds Max?

    Let me know and don't worry about the forum post. If it got posted in the wrong topic I can move it (no need to make a new post!)


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  • Jin

    Hi again,

    I see you posted a new thread, no need to. I will delete it as it is a duplicate and let's continue here.

    So you posted these two links of the issue: https://gyazo.com/555669913d8223762d7620bb37353231https://gyazo.com/6845633ec688109f00d75980bf8220c0

    That seems to be only related to Quixel Mixer Export. In the export tab, if you need "colors" you will need to export the "albedo" (diffuse) map.

    Could you do that and let me know if that is what you are looking for? I'm asking you to check because on your screenshot I'm unable to see which map you are exporting.


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