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[Style Swap] Iceland Mossy Rock Road



  • Pierre Grimme

    i'm looking forward to your result :D

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  • Andréa



    I did my best, but that wasnt enought and that was a bit ambitious for a first complex material i guess.

    Texture doesnt look that bad in Mixer but when exporting maps and importing them in Octane, everything was really shitty :/ Mainly the displacement map didn't look the same at all. I must have missed something. If one of you guys had problem exporting maps for Octane I would love to hear it. Anyway I wont have more time to continu the challenge but I post the result I had so far on Mixer.


    Thanks for putting this contest, it was still very funny to rush a full day on textures and learning the soft.



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  • Jin

    Thanks for trying and entering. We can only be grateful. And, it doesn't look bad at all! Quite interesting!

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