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My bridge app is not responding!




  • Jin

    Hi Yamell. Could you please share more information?

    • Bridge version
    • Your OS and OS version
    • Your PC specs

    Does the problem still persist when restarting?

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  • Yamell

    Yes, thank you!

    • The Version is 2019.2.2

    • Im on Windows 10

    • Threadripper 1950x 16c/32t, 96gb Ram, Quadro P4000


    I restarted the computer and still.

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  • Jin

    We will see what can cause this issue and come back to you for more information. Thank you for your report and cooperation!

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  • Geert Linthoudt

    I like to report the same issue.

    I just subscribed yesterday, downloaded Bridge, but the program just freezes. I'm even not able to scroll or click something. The donwloaded icon just keep rotating.

    I have already removed and reinstalled Bridge, shut down the pc and restarted, but nothing works.

    I'm working on Windows 10 (updated) with Bridge 2019.2.3.

    GForce 980 TI with 16 GB RAM.



    I found out that the problem happens after I log in. I have made a seperate post about this.



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  • Yamell Mateo

    This is what I did and worked for me:

    1. Close Bridge.
    2. Delete Bridge from C:\\Users\\[Username goes here]\\AppData\\Roaming\\
    3. Delete the support folder from Local Library Path location on your machine. This is specified in in Bridge > Edit > Settings.
    4. Launch Bridge and try to export an asset.

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  • Jin

    Hi, for any new report, please do make a new forum post.

    Thank you,

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