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  • Robin

    Hello Megascans-Team,

    i was really excited after reading Jin`s post for a new 3dsmax exporter script, so i gave it a try.

    But i couldn`t be more disappointed, that this should be the long awaited update for 3dsmax / Vray users.

    Guys....what on earth have you did for the last 4 months we were asking for a 100 % working and useful exporter ?

    - Script shows up as MSLiveLink 4.12.( haven`t we been already on 4.6 for a while ?? ).

    - displacement amount on all imported surfaces is still the same (  8,0 and Shift -2,8 ), no proper shift amount taken from the .json file

    - no real-world-map size or  proper measures in the UVW Map read out of the .jason file for correct size setup

    - usage of the specular map in the reflection slot seems strange to me ( shouldn`t this be pure white and instead some sort of generated IOR map be used in the IOR slot )?

    So please...if you can`t or don`t want to provide a useful 3dsmax/vray script, please take the modified one from Simeon from this thread and fix  / improve it, so that the import of 3d objects works also as expected.


    As my subscription is running out in the next months, i`m not going to renew it unless there is a proper import script. the way it is right now and for the last 4 months is just useless !!!

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  • Jin

    Hello Robin,

    We've been working hard on many major upcoming updates, the last few months! Including Bridge development, the big and new Mixer development (still in Beta) and new upcoming Megascans things I'm not able to talk about just yet. On top of other LiveLinks as well! A lot of exciting news and announcements to come that we cannot wait to share with you all.

    • LiveLink showing the wrong version might be a hard coded issue that should not affect the its functionalities, we will look into it!
    • Yes, the displacement will always be the same. As I probably must have explained on some other threads, there is no way to match displacement settings with all renderers. As we do not want to be biased towards a specific engine, we put an universal value that the user will have to tweak depending on his taste! Sometimes, people do not want a high displacement, or they want to increase it even though the original asset is not that high in terms of displacement.
    • Real world map size: We actually worked on it but faced an issue while testing it. The issue doesn't come from the LiveLink. We plan to implement it as soon as this issue is solved, which is again, not an issue from the LiveLink.
    • There will be no IOR map conversion. I showed you on your thread how to match it almost 1:1 with just an output node! The IOR conversion is not ideal in production and comes from Dubcat which he said by himself, his workflow is specific to his work and ArchViz with Corona/V-Ray. Not a production approved solution.

    Don't get me wrong! On behalf of all our staff, we would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and feedback with us! I do hope my comment will clarify everything, but if you have any further questions, please do let me know and my colleagues or I will be happy to answer you!

    Wishing you a good day Robin!


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  • Robin

    Hi Jin,

    despite of the fact, that it seems to be totally useless to give your guys any feedback or hints for improvements, i can`t let your answer be uncommented.

    "As we do not want to be biased towards a specific engine, we put an universal value that the user will have to tweak depending on his taste! " Absolutely don`t get your point.....why not putting the real scan values into it, so we don`t have to manually look into the .json file ? The user still can adjust these values as he like, but has at least a real world value as a starting point. Doens`t matter if on vray, corona or any other renderer....1 cm is 1 cm !!

    "Real world map size: We actually worked on it but faced an issue while testing it...."After 4 months of waiting for a proper importer for max, you faced an issue while testing it ??? Simeon showed you in his modified script how to do it, so where exactly is the problem ?

    Jin....you are propably not responsible for the way the script is right now, so i somehow excuse myself for being a little bit rude but please !!!! talk with the responsible persons on your company about the need of a well programmed importer for 3dsmax. You build up a magnificant library, so please make it useable with an easy and intuitive workflow for the import in the 3d app. It`s so annoying to fix everytime the same values and have to open the .json file for real world map size and displacement height.

    Why not programming an exporter / importer for 3dsmax with some chechboxes to choose for the most requested features, i.e.

    -displacement mod with your "universal values  / or real world values from .json file if available

    - Maps imported with real world values and uvw modifier ( ticked real world map scale box ) for selected object / or a UVW Modifier in 2D plane mode with the real world units

    - specular map in the reflection slot / or pure white in the reflection slot

    .....to be continued






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  • Jin

    Hi Robin! Do not worry. Your feedback is always appreciated and we do not take it personally! We actually plan in the future to provide an advanced UI with options/checkboxes.

    We will discuss internally and plan the improvements accordingly. Thank you again for sharing your honest thoughts with us!


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