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Arnold shader of 3d plants




  • Billy Lundevall

    Hello! As you have already pointed out, Normal, Roughness, and Displacement should all be imported in linear. Displacement and Roughness should have "Alpha Is Luminance" enabled under "Color Balance" and the translucency map should probably be weighted somewhere reasonable per default.

    The brightness of the translucency map itself may vary due to a multitude of reasons, so that one is most likely just an odd one out. If they have a tendency to hit the darker side overall though, we may be able to stick a compensation number in there in the future. 

    I will look into why this isn't exporting properly. Thanks for the report :)!

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  • Gabriel34

    Thanks for your reply. I would like to add a few thoughts.
    It just my understanding but I think the translucency map is currently setup in a wrong way for Arnold.
    The data are most probably correct, but the shader setup is not right for Arnold to handle it correctly.

    With arnold the translucency is not a layer added to the diffuse. If we set the SSS weight to one, the color in the diffuse is completely ignored. 

    Arnold shader automatically decreases the diffuse weight as you increase the sss weight in an attempt to keep the light energy conservation physically correct.
    Arnold is expecting to have in the sss color a map that is looking very close to an albedo. 
    I believe the megascan translucency map are dark as they only have the part of the light that actually pass through. 
    My guess to make them work with Arnold would be to add the translucency to the diffuse then plug the result into the subsurface color.
    And also to plug the Alpha of the translucency map (with alpha is luminance on) into the weight of the subsurface.

    Maybe there is no need to add diffuse and translucency. Just plug translucency into sss color and the translucency luminance into sss weight.

    Please let me know if I'm mistaken somewhere. 

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  • Mathias



    Dont use the normal map. It will darken the "backside". Just use the displacement with auto bump checked. ;)



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  • Gabriel34

    quick bump to say plants are still black with the shading from bridge (maya plugin 4.9)

    I think subsurface should not be set to 1 when Thin Walled is on.

    I also think subsurfaces map from Bridge is not the kind of data a Arnold aistandard is expecting. Part without sss should not be black but the same color of the alebdo.


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