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Unable to access library




  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    Kindly try the following steps and let us know if they work for you:


    1. Close Bridge, if already running.
    2. Navigate to C:\Users\[Username goes here]\AppData\Roaming.
    3. Delete Bridge and Megascans folder.
    4. Restart Bridge.

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  • hghtch

    I already tried that. Together with tech support I figured that the problem has to do something with my IP. I can't access the library on the website either, and the problem persits on my mobile as long I use wifi. As soon I switch to mobile network, I have access.

    I did a blacklist search for my IP and figured that it is on following blacklists for whatever reasons



    I could imagine that Quixel uses one of them to prevent automated access to the library, though I don't really have a clue if these lists are used for other reasons than emailing at all.

    The other two options are that my ISP has blocked my access over night, which I'm still waiting for a reply for, or that Quixel blocked me directly, which would seem odd. If I did something wrong (I published an importer script to import decals cut out from Quixel Atlasses to Bridge to be used in Mixer here in the forums), I'm sure my whole account would've been terminated instead of a secret IP ban.

    Anyways, I hope I'll be able to resolve this issue. Otherwise I'd need some kind of vpn. Thanks for the help so far!



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  • hghtch

    Well, it's working again. I checked the blacklists again and my IP is off of b.barracudacentra.org. So I guess this was causing the issue.

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