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Paint Mask on Group Layers is Not Working




  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    This is a known issue that we're working to resolve as soon as practicable. Thanks for your patience and we appreciate the report!

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  • noobieber

    Any progress with the mask feature ?

    How about being able to export the material while still in 3d mesh mode ?

    Loving Quixel everything so far!

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  • Haddock

    Hi! Mixer is amazing to use, the interface is super great, the tools are freakin smooth, but i felt on the same problem. I'm on 1.1 version, and I updated on 1.4, but the problem is still here. I know they are a lot of other problems to solve sorry if i'm bein annoying x) that's my first post, i look like a spoiled child, but this software is really good, and i want to do good things with it ^^

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  • abilalp

    i am having the same problem. I'm using quixel mixer 1.6 beta. Is there any improvement? Also, when I want to draw a line with shift in paint mode, it doesn't work.

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