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When will Multiple Texture Sets be available in Mixer?




  • Jin

    Hi! We do not have any ETA at the moment.


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  • As Jin mentioned, we can't give estimates for software releases. We're working on it but we can't give any timeframes.


    With regards to UVs, that's basically going to always be a requirement of working in Mixer and most software. The only tool I'm aware of currently that doesn't absolutely require UVs is Mudbox through PTex painting, which we have no plans to support.


    I'm not certain where you're seeing multiple UV sets in Mixer in the video you're referencing. Could you clarify?

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  • pawpots

    Shy_Poke sorry to bust here the presentation is using ID's as this is the only available for distributing the material hence I know that Quixel team will have soon release a support for Multiple Texture Set I even comment this on that same video.


    But I do hope Jonathan (Community Manager) - soon we will be having the grasp on the next big release as I'm using it fully on our company production hence other are still skeptical because of those feature that hasn't been implemented. 


    Kind Regards,


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  • Nukima11

    Still waiting. Why advertise it then?

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  • dlbogdan

    <sad noises>


    I wanted to try it out today on my current assets for my work in progress game. Unfortunately I make heavy use of multiple materials on objects. 


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  • Niminion

    I neeeeeed this!

    This is the only thing missing for me to make a scene in blender, texture and decal the ENTIRE thing at once in mixer, drop it in Unreal, add scatter and lights and done!

    Please update!

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