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Albedo luminance



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  • Jin


    That's correct but for JPG/8bit files. If you are using EXRs, set it to RAW instead. See below the quick color space reminder:

    • If you don’t pre-convert your images to get the correct primaries then they will look off. If you try to display a picture or a texture done with sRGB primaries with ACES RTT they will look over saturated:
    •  Utility – sRGB – Texture: for your LDR (low dynamic range) aka 8bit textures: Color (Albedo/Diffuse), Specular etc..
    • Utility – Linear – sRGB: for HDR (high dynamic range) images like HDRIs IBL If your texture is linear within the sRGB primaries • Utility – Raw: for maps that need to be in linear, such as: roughness, displacement, normal maps etc..
    • Render in ACEScg and use OUTPUT - ACES sRGB as default, assuming that your monitor doesn't have accurate other color spaces like a DCI P3 or Rec 709 to just name a few.

    Let me know if you are still having incorrect results!


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