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Textures too Dark in UE4 /Color Space Issue?




  • Official comment

    Hello Josich, 

    Thank you for reaching out. In order to address your issue, more troubleshooting may be required and therefore I've created a support ticket for you. You'll receive an email from us shortly!

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  • Igogo

    Got absolutely same trouble today. Vote up for solution. 

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  • Josich

    Thanks IAN,

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  • Sebastian Larsen

    Does Mixer support any industry standard color correction, so we can get WYSIWYG viewport? One of the major gripes for Painter is that it doesn't, meaning it's hard to include it in a color correct pipeline. It's really just a mess of guesswork, guesswork is a waste of time, time = money.

    This is very high on my wish list. Maybe more so than anything else. 

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  • Sebastian Larsen Please create a new thread on this subject and we'll assist you ASAP.

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