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Mixer-2020.1.2 can't be installed in "E:\Quixel"




  • Hi! Could you please confirm if "E:\" is a local or external drive?

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  • CableFire



    "E:" is an internal drive.



    Based on your question, I did some further testing:

    I have just tested the installtion on an external USB drive. This path gets accepted by the installer ("G:\Quixel\QuixelMixer").

    I thought it could be related to the installer being located in "E:\Quixel", thus I copied the installer to "E:\" but the path is still rejected. However, moving the installer to another internal drive ("F:\"), the desired path "E:\Quixel\QuixelMixer" is accepted.

    I renamed the existing "E:\Quixel" directory (not that it matters what the change was, but for the sake of completeness: "E:\Quixel_or\QuixelMixer"), which then got accepted as well. With the installer being located in "E:\Quixel_or".


    EDIT: corrected typo - drive letter

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  • CAPA14

    I can confirm this! And thanks for pointing this out CableFire!

    When I was trying to install the 2020.1.2 or 1.3, if I had the Installation file in the same Drive as the selected Install Directory the install returns the error "The path you enter is invalid"

    Like I tried to install to D:\Quixel while the installation file was in D: , pressing next , error of invalid path.

    Copying the Installer file to my other Drive Z: let's me install in D:\Quixel 


    (I wonder what happens if someone has just the C: drive...)

    Btw, I already had the 1.1 installed so maybe has something to do with previous installations?


    Also why not detect that there is already an installation present and get the current Install Path and the paths set for library and mixer project, samples, etc.. files?

    Having to set manually every "Upgrade" is not very good.

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  • Nino Mancuso

    I'm having this issue now, Ive just recently got a Windows PC and am trying to install Mixer, but no matter what path I seem to choose its rejected as invalid:


    I only have one drive on here, and all my other externals are macOS! 

    Any way to fix this? Where can I download the installer that will allow me to work around this

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  • Maroof

    My mixer material dos not seen in bridge I exported but is not showing.. please help how se link both of them..

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  • RenardDeRussie

    Nino Mancuso i found the solution, if you want to install quixel on the c: drive you need to place the installer on another drive and then install it


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