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Mixer 2020.1.4 installation error with local library on Network storage




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    Ahmad Salman

    Hi MattAudio, 


    A Support ticket has been generated to address the issue you have highlighted. You will have received a corresponding email from the Support team as well. They will carry out further correspondence regarding the updates on the matter via that email thread. 


    Kind Regards,

    Ahmad Salman. 

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  • Urooj(Product Support Engineer)

    Hi Mattaudio!

    Kindly share the following details:

    • Are you able to install any other app on the Network storage?
    • Do you have the access to the storage currently or is it restricted?
    • Kindly share a few screenshots or a video demonstrating the problem you are facing. 
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  • Mattaudio


    Yes i have access to that storage, i have all permissions but you're right it fails when i try to install other app on network location.

    "y:" is my megascan mounted network location.


    Maybe i can try to install smart materials localy then moving them manualy to the megascan network drive.

    then i could change back the path to the original network location inside mixer. 

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  • no130

    Hello I have the same problem. With the new update (dont know exactly in which version it broke) I cannot access to my library that is on a network drive.

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  • IKON

    same issue over here. any solution?

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  • IKON

    ok, it works when using a temporary folder for installation and then setting up the folder once installed. but you have to use a path like this:

    \\nas_assets\assets\3D ASSETS\3DS_MAX\00_Megascans


    something like this does not work:

    L:\3D ASSETS\3DS_MAX\00_Megascans


    @Quixel: this is not documented at all, maybe time to do it now?

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  • John_Do

    It's really annoying since there is a new version every two month with a new preset pack to install.

    Please fix it or make Mixer self-updating, just like Bridge. Thank you ! 

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