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Certain uv shells of custom mesh not texturing properly.




  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    Make sure all of your UVs are unique and not flipped prior to importing into Mixer.

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  • shil

    Hey Jonathan, thanks for replying! The uvs are not flipped (i put a screenshot from substance painter showing that painting works on those uv shells), just in mixer its behaving weirdly.

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  • MEC4D

    I had the same issues , definitely switched U<>V cords island, it may works OK in SP but will not work in Mixer , flipped UV island are fine in all programs as it use Tilling method but not in Mixer especially  if you use Box Projection  you going to run in trouble . Weird indeed, I had to rework all my models UVs and switch the UVs cords to make it work proper .

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