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Surfaces doesn't export to maya from Bridge, also 3d assets export "naked"





    Same problem here sssets come without textures from Bridge and drives me nuts. I've been having this issue for a long time.
    I checked other posts and usually Maya is the scapegoat but I don't think problem is related with Maya because I tried it in Blender and it's the same problem. 

    Also I restarted Maya and no luck and yes I checked File > Import > Megascans Livelink option but there is no such an option in Blender. If you go to this link below, other people having the same issue and unfortunately nobody helped. 

    I appreciate Quixel team and their work but there are so much bugs need to be fixed, it's never up to date.

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  • Jonathan (Community Manager) -

    Hi guys - I've created a ticket for your two responses. Please check your e-mail for further assistance!

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