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macOS Unable to install Quixel Mixer




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    Hey Chazz1284

    In order to solve this issue, kindly follow the steps mentioned below:
    First of all, we need to check if there is any cache data present for Mixer. The temporary cache folder in ios is a special folder that maintains the cache. We need to make sure the cache is removed before installing Mixer again.
    To access it:

    1. Open Finder.
    2. Press Command+Shift+G to open the dialogue box.
    3. Input the following search: /var or /private/var/folders
    4. Now you should have temporary access, so you should be able to drag it into the Finder favourites if you want to access it again.

    It would be something like:
    var/folders/90/g7d3q1656151z0tvqd5fx7pc0000gn/T/Quixel/Quixel Mixer/PaintCache
    -Delete the Quixel Mixer folder. 

    This path varies from user to user. So it would not be same on different machines.

    Now, moving to the next part...
    There are a few paths that Mixer needs, in order to run properly in your system. These paths store the Megascans library as well as the Mixer files that you may need to launch a Mix.

    So, what is a local library path?

    Local Library path: It stores the Megascans Library in your system and should point to a Megascans library folder. If you are using Quixel Bridge already, then the local library path for Bridge and Mixer should be same. 

    Therefore, using just /Library as your library path would be pointing it to the main library folder of Mac. Which your system might not accept as it is a system folder. For example, you can create a new folder within the folder or in the users folder where you have other stuff stored and then point it there. You can name the folder as MSLibray or Megascans library or what ever suits you. 

    It can be created in a location like in the screenshot below as well. 

    What is a Mixer files path?

    Mixer Files: It should point to the path where you'll store the Mixer Projects/Mix. It will store all your Mix and projects along with their essential files which will be required to launch a Mix. Afterwards, you'll be able to access your Mix through this folder in Mixer. 

    I'm going to attach a screenshot below that will explain the paths:
    And when doing this, please make sure you are using the system with admin rights( with all the permissions required to install apps and access them) and its not a part of any server. 

    Keeping in view all the points mentioned above, run the installer now and see how it goes. :)

    In case you require further assistance, please let me know. 

    Best regards,
    Technical Support Engineer
    Quixel-Epic Games

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  • Urooj

    Hey Cris K B! Thanks for reaching out. I have created a ticket for this issue. You'll receive a reply via email shortly. 

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  • Chazz1284

    Hi im stuck with the same issue.. i tried installing and the installation failed halfway through. when i try to run the installer again it gives me this error 

    The directory


    is not writable by the current user


    Im signed in as the admin, and it went through half the install the first time around. would appreciate some help installing mixer. thanks!


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  • TORY

    Same problem here. I used the suggestions by Uroog above but once I get to step number 3, I no longer can follow what I need to do. I do not see anything that looks like the suggestions are saying. 

    Thank you for any help!

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  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    Thanks for the report. You should have a ZenDesk ticket in your inbox - we'll take this to our ticketing system for assistance.

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