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Updated Blend Material Blend Ammount control showing layers where i haven't painted




  • Official comment

    For users experiencing this issue - this is caused by increasing the Blend Amount too high while blending between surfaces that do not have drastically different height values.

    While blending, it is advised that you stay between the values of negative one to positive two for the Blend value to avoid the above-shown issue.

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  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    Hi archo_p - please follow the guidelines in Creating A Proper Support Request so we can assist you. Images demonstrating the problem you've mentioned will be greatly appreciated!

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  • archo_p

    Submitted a request.  here are some images as well, that i sent with the support request.  Red circled areas are where i've not painted but am seeing the layer come through.  The non-marked image shows default blend control parameters and a single vertex painted area.  I've also tried in vain to adjust the MF_MaterialBlend function to take the vertex color and clamp the height blend if zero but can't seem to get it to do anything yet.

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