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Roughness Map not exporting




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    Thank you for taking the time to post on our forum. We are aware of these issues and are working to provide an update to resolve these occurrences. In the meantime, please use the following workarounds - and rest assured that we're working to deploy solutions as soon as practicable.

    With regard to Roughness and Displacement, you haven't missed a checkbox. Currently, the textures aren't automatically exported and slotted into the proper materials within UE4, however, they are downloaded so as you've mentioned they can be placed into your material instances manually. 

    In order for the correct texture inputs and features from our latest material overhaul to be available within your material instances, the Parent material for your Surface imports will need to be manually changed to MS_DefaultMaterial or MS_DefaultMaterial (depending on preference). Currently, when importing Albedo, Normal, Roughness into UE4, the Parent Material selected is MS_DefaultMaterial_CP - our Channel Packing material.

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  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    Hi jhesser333! Thanks for the report! One of my support staff will be with you as soon as practicable to assist.

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  • ShoulderStudios

    Wow - I thought I was going crazy. Bridge is so janky - I thought the update would make it better. So best to uninstall and go back to 2020.3.x

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  • Ahmad Salman

    Hi jhesser333  ShoulderStudios

    The previous two Bridge releases carried the issue of asset exports to Unreal Engine where the imported result either,

    >> did not carry the complete number of texture maps. 
    >> did not carry displacement texture map despite enabling displacement from the Plugin Configuration window. 
    >> the Material Instance did not carry material slots other than Albedo & Normal. 
    >> the Parent Material utilized was pertaining to Channel Packing export. 

    All the above-stated issues have been resolved in the recent update (v2020.4.2). 




    Kindly update Bridge in order for the changes to take effect. 




    >> The default export preset for Surfaces, 3D, Plants, Atlas, Decals pertaining to Roughness was set to "false" in v2020.4. 

    It has been set as "true". 


    >> The default export preset for Surfaces, Atlases, Decals pertaining to Displacement was set to "false" in v2020.4.1. 

    It has been set as "true". 


    >> The default preset for 3D & Plant Assets pertaining to Displacement was set to "true" in v2020.4 ---- and then set to "false" in v2020.4.1.
    It has been kept the same (false). However, enabling it no longer triggers channel packing anymore... Rather ensures to incorporate displacement seamlessly. 


    >> Enabling any texture map other than the default preset used to trigger channel packing and consequently, a generation of a Mat Setup suited for Channel Packed export. 

    Now enabling additional texture maps only triggers the import of those maps (if available). The Mat Setup gets generated as default to the asset type with the received textures incorporated (if part of the Mat Setup).  

    The above-stated deploys with examples are shown in the post linked below.



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