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Material instance have no displacement map slot when imported from Bridge




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    Sean Zhang Lukas I.

    Apologies for the inconvenience!

    We have just pushed an update to Bridge and this issue has been fixed. Furthermore, an update to the plugin for UE4 has been deployed as well. This issue was occurring because of a small bug in the previous update. The roughness map was not checked by default in the Export settings and when the roughness map was manually enabled, Bridge read it as a channel packing texture, and as a result, it was sending the Channel Packing Master material for the Parent material in UE4. Therefore, even when the Displacement map was enabled in UE4 and Bridge, it was not working, because for incorporating displacement, the Parent material is Displacement_MasterMaterial, but due to a bug it was sending MS_DefaultMaterial_CP (this is for channel packing).

    Nevertheless, this issue has been fixed in the latest update. Kindly follow the steps below to fix this issue:

    1. Close Unreal Engine, if already running. 

    2. Update Bridge to the latest version. (When you open/restart Bridge, you'll get the prompt asking you to update)

    3. Once updated, please go Edit>Manage Plugins and update the Unreal Engine plugin as well. (the latest plugin is v7.1)

    4. Now, open your project in Unreal Engine, and Enable the Displacement and Import Master Material Textures option from the MS plugin UI.

    5. Now, go to the Edit>Export Settings in Bridge. And make sure Displacement map is checked for Surfaces. (as shown below)

    6. Export your asset. Now you should be able to send displacement map, and Unreal Engine will incorporate the correct Parent material. 

    Should you need any further information please let us know!

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  • Lukas I.

    the problem is, that the textures are signed to the new master material MS_Default_CP which doesnt include displacement. A workaround would be to manually import the MS_Default_Displacement from the internet...

    Quixel please fix this!

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  • neshamota

    I have similar problem. I use Houdini engine, and the if I assign material based on MS_displacement master material, it doesn't work, only with the MS_default material. UE4.25.4. Other primitives work fine. Is there a way to enable displacement for Houdini engine meshes?

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  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    Thanks for the reports! One of my support staff will be with you as soon as practicable to assist.

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  • Zfamily

    Same problem for me :-(  the textures are assigned to the new master material MS_Default_CP which doesnt include displacement....

    HELP US!!!

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  • Ahmad Salman

    Hi Sean Zhang  Lucas  neshamota  Zfamily


    The previous two Bridge releases carried the issue of asset exports to Unreal Engine where the imported result either,

    >> did not carry the complete number of texture maps. 
    >> did not carry displacement texture map despite enabling displacement from the Plugin Configuration window. 
    >> the Material Instance did not carry material slots other than Albedo & Normal. 
    >> the Parent Material utilized was pertaining to Channel Packing export. 

    All the above-stated issues have been resolved in the recent update (v2020.4.2). 




    Kindly update Bridge in order for the changes to take effect. 




    >> The default export preset for Surfaces, 3D, Plants, Atlas, Decals pertaining to Roughness was set to "false" in v2020.4. 

    It has been set as "true". 


    >> The default export preset for Surfaces, Atlases, Decals pertaining to Displacement was set to "false" in v2020.4.1. 

    It has been set as "true". 


    >> The default preset for 3D & Plant Assets pertaining to Displacement was set to "true" in v2020.4 ---- and then set to "false" in v2020.4.1.
    It has been kept the same (false). However, enabling it no longer triggers channel packing anymore... Rather ensures to incorporate displacement seamlessly. 


    >> Enabling any texture map other than the default preset used to trigger channel packing and consequently, a generation of a Mat Setup suited for Channel Packed export. 

    Now enabling additional texture maps only triggers the import of those maps (if available). The Mat Setup gets generated as default to the asset type with the received textures incorporated (if part of the Mat Setup).  

    The above-stated deploys with examples are shown in the post linked below.





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