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  • Laila Shahzad


    Thanks for posting. We'll require a lot of info to investigate this error like Project logs, etc. I highly recommend you send in your crash report to support@quixel.com with the following info:

    • Bridge version: you can check this from Bridge > Preferences.
    • System Specs: RAM, GPU, CPU, OS and OS version
    • Bridge Log File: Go to Bridge > Help > Troubleshooting > Show logs.The log file a text file located at the following locations based on your OS:

    WindowsC:\Users\[Username goes here]\AppData\Roaming\Bridge

    Note: "AppData" is a hidden folder in the above-stated directory. If not visible then ensure that the option for "Show hidden files and folders" is enabled in the Folder Options of your Windows Explorer.

    Mac OSX: ~/Library/Application Support/Bridge

    Linux: Home/.config/Bridge

    • Engine/DCC Name and Version
    • Render Engine Name and Version (when applicable)
    • Screenshots or Video: Any video or screenshots you can provide to demonstrate the issue to assist us. These must clearly show your Download Settings and Export Settings. You can attach screenshots on the Support Request form, or upload videos to www.streamable.com and paste the link in your Support Request once the upload has been processed.

    • Your project.log file, which can be found at YourUE4Directory > Your Project Name > Saved > Logs. Please note that there may be more than one of these files in your project. We only require the most recent file.
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  • Nethaka

    ok i will send them


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  • Nethaka

    Can you make the bridge more like the epic games launcher

    Eg :-  Export assets while the engine is closed


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