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Export to anril does not transfer material only textures



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    Hello jazzus,

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us. When working in Mixer, you're creating each of the textures that make up an overall material, but the material needs to be created in the DCC or renderer of your choice, in this case, Unreal Engine.

    We utilize Bridge to set up the Quixel material in many DCCs and renderers for us. To do so, export your work from Mixer to Bridge and then from Bridge to Unreal Engine. Working this way will utilize the Megascans Livelink plugin and a material will be created for you.

    You can either select File > Export to Library, within Mixer, or utilize the Export tab to export your textures to a specific location on your machine. If you use the latter method, simply drag and drop the folder containing all of your textures into Bridge to begin importing them.

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