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Texture Painting in Mixer?




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    Hello dimeolas,

    Thanks for reaching out. You can absolutely paint on assets within Mixer! Whether you're using Smart Material, one of our thousands of Megascans, or your own imported textures, all you need to do is add a layer for the material you'd like to paint with, and then Alt+Left Mouse Click the "Add Paint Mask" option at the bottom of the Layer Palette to "Add Paint Mask with Black Mask." This will add the layer, however, it'll be masked out for the entire layer. You can then change the value of your brush to white in the Paint Palette on the left-hand side of the UI and paint wherever you'd like on your asset!

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  • dimeolas

       Thanks Ian. So if I wanted to create say a stone wall with plaster and moss...that first layer would be the stone and then the next layer the plaster and lastly a layer for the moss. Black mask the layers and pait where I need each one?


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  • Ian


    You've got it!

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