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Wood textures for archviz




  • Hasema

    Need some wood texture, too.

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  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    Hi Soluna - we're unable to discuss when or where scanning teams will tackle a specific requested subject. We're well-aware that this is a priority for the AV side of the CG industry and will be addressing adding more of these types of surfaces to the library in future updates. Thanks so much for your patience!

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  • davek

    Totally agree. There thousands of materials but there's almost no textures of, what I personally need the most. I'm developing a game (and actually I have a big chunk of good-looking finished assets), but I just can not make many objects because there are missing these simple, bare/old wood materials. Actually I couldn't find anything even on Poliigon, there are nice clean textures maybe for archviz but not for anything else.

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  • Pixla

    I often wonder what led to the veneer textures that are on Megascans now.

    I mean, they are visibly repeating maybe 10-20 just on the front side of the demo sphere alone!

    Something went very wrong in their creation.

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