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Re-downloaded surface material as different resolution, which is being applied?



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    Hello ShockFactor,

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us. When working with Megascans, Bridge, and Mixer - one rule of thumb to keep in mind is that there is an image converter built into our software. So if you download an asset at 8k, you can always work with a lower resolution version of that material in Mixer at any time by switching the "working resolution" to the desired rez. However, the same cannot be said in reverse. If you only download the 2k version of a material, changing your working resolution to 4 or 8k will not up-rez the texture. Instead, you'll need to re-download the higher resolution version.

    While you are correct that the Local Library tab does not illustrate the resolution of textures that you have downloaded for an individual asset, you can right-click any downloaded material and select "Show In Explorer" to see the downloaded files on your machine. If for example you only have the 2k version of an asset downloaded, you can simply copy the Asset ID (the alphanumeric code associated with the asset) and then jump over to the Online Tab and paste to bring up that same asset. From there, you can adjust the download settings and download the higher resolution version as you see fit.

    Additionally, even if you have the 8k versions of all of your materials downloaded, you can then work in 1 or 2k within Mixer to save on performance. When you're done, you'll be able to export to Bridge at full 8k resolution and then from Bridge, you'll be able to determine the resolution you want to send your asset to other DCCs at. 

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