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None of the textures are visible when applied to the model. (From Blender to Quixel Mixer) (worked few days ago)



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  • Urooj

    Hi ExpendableBox (Paul)

    Thanks for the report. I have gone through it and have a few things to share.

    Lets start with the first mesh that's showing a plain color instead of the texture. Looks like the UVs have a negative scale that's why the texture is not showing up in the view port.
    You can simply go back to blender and open this mesh>Select its UVs> Press S+X+(-1)>Export the asset back into Mixer and it will be fine then.

    Secondly, about the issue you are facing with the other mesh. It seems to have flipped normals. Open it in Blender and use the Flipped Normals function. After that export it again into Mixer and let me know how it goes. 

    Looking forward to your response. :)

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