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Tiling: Why is there a differenz between "Rotation Angle" and "Detail Normal Rotation Angle"




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    Hello Quixx,

    Thanks for reaching out. If you open the Master Material for either MS_DefaultMaterial or MS_DefaultMaterial_Displacement you'll notice that there are two Material Functions on the far left side of the material graph, "MF_Tiling" and "MF_DetailNormalTiling." This allows for each parameter (Normal and Detail Normal) to be controlled and rotated individually within the Material Instance.

    You'll notice that the DetailNormalTiling material function is plugged into a Detail Normal texture input, however, this texture input is a blank Normal, therefore, rotating the Detail Normal will have no effect on the overall material unless the detail normal parameter is enabled and a normal map is selected within the Material Instance first. 

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  • Quixx

    Thanks for reply. So as I understand now, there are different inputs for two kinds of normals.

    Maybe "detail normals" is intended to use for a micro structure and "normals" for the main shape?

    This would explain it to me. The confusion is, that I never had heard about "detail normals" before and I guess that this is just a second input, to overlay the basic normals.

    Is that right?


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  • Quixx,

    You've got it! That is correct. To further explain the usage of detail normals feel free to check out this video that I thought would be of assistance to you!


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