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Smooth problem




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    Hello AlexeyS,

    Thanks for reaching out. When bringing assigning your smoothing groups, please ensure that each direction change, in this case, likely each 90-degree change, is assigned a different smoothing group than the one adjacent to it. OBJ should work fine within Mixer as it will retain this information.

    Regarding the edges when using displacement, this is due to the lack of geometry and the placement of the seams on your mesh in these areas. When the material displaces the very edge of a shell, it will deform and cause the mesh to separate. This visibility of this effect can be reduced by hiding the UV seams on your mesh, including more geometry at the points where the mesh will deform most noticeably, and by creating UVs that work with higher poly objects

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  • AlexeyS

    In the other way i export like fbx format there is diferent problem in mixer  the edges a demeged after i asign some displace material


    And this is fbx export settings


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