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Where are the Megascans "Master_Materials"? Download link?




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    Hello Quixx,

    Thanks for reaching out! Would you kindly link the tutorial in question? Please note that when you have successfully installed the Megascans Livelink Plugin into UE4 a hierarchy of folders will be created under the main "Megascans" folder that includes, 3D_Assets, Surfaces, and MSPresets (amongst others depending on what you've chosen to import, such as 3D Plants).

    The MSPresets folder is the default housing for the imported Master Materials. Please also note that only the master materials relevant to your import will populate automatically, i.e. importing an asset that includes a heightmap (with displacement enabled in your plugins settings) will result in the creation of MS_DefaultMaterial_Displacement. Without first enabling displacement in your plugin and exporting an asset with a heightmap - this material will not be available, the same goes for Foliage_Material, Decal_MasterMaterial, etc.

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  • Quixx

    Thanks for the explanation, which helps me.

    It's so weird, that UE4 tries to keep everything complicated.

    Coming with a lot of experience from Maya and Max, Vray and Substance this feels sometimes like pure sadism.

    I'm just hoping that a simplified material system is planned...

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  • Hello Quixx,

    I'm glad to have been of help. If there's anything else we may assist you with in the future please do not hesitate to create a new thread! We're always happy to help!

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