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How to open material settings in UE




  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    Hi AlexeyS! Thanks for the report! One of my support staff will be with you as soon as practicable to assist.

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  • Ahmad Salman

    Hi AlexeyS

    This is Ahmad from Quixel Support. 

    >> Are you referring to the entire "Material Instance Editor" settings!? If so, then the way to open it is by double-clicking the "Material Instance" icon (as shown below).

    >> If you're referring uniquely to the "Parent" attribute under the "General" section within the "Material Instance Editor" (as shown in the red highlight below), then that indeed is going to open the "Parent Material (node) Editor", if clicked on the thumbnail. 

    >> In case, you wish to change the parent material, simply click on the drop-down, right next to the thumbnail (as shown in the red highlight below), and that will open the browsing menu for selection.  

    >>  In case, you were referring to a different attribute/s, kindly share the screenshot again with that particular attribute highlighted and I will assist you accordingly. 


    Kind Regards,

    Ahmad Salman. 

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  • AlexeyS

    Hey Ahmad! Thanks for the answer but this is not exactly what I need. i need to open master material parameters of my imported material.
    I tried to makin snow material like in tutorial from Simon Stålenhag. in this tutorial he open imported instance material in ue4 and he hawe master material window. but when i open my imported instance material i have parent material window.

    this is screen shot from tutorial

    and this is my screenshot

    i taping on parent mat sphere and it open instance parameters window like this --->


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