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Mixer 2021 and linux




  • We're unable to speculate on software in development angjminer - thanks for your patience!

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  • Syscrusher

    Understood and acknowledged that you can't speculate on future releases. I can respect that, but please allow me to add another voice in support of a Linux version (preferably for Ubuntu and Debian). I'd happily beta test!

    Incidentally, I'm one of the many long-time Substance Painter customers who's not happy with where your competitor is taking that product. I love what I see of Mixer so far, and I'm considering switching over. The lack of a native Linux version is not a deal-breaker (I could dual boot or run WINE or VMware Workstation), but if you had a native Linux version today, the decision to switch would be an absolute no-brainer. :)

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  • ashaft3

    I am learning about Megascan, EPIC and  Quixel. I came across a  Quixel Mixer and would like to try it out, only to find out, there is NO Linux Native version of the Mixer. Please help me to understand Why it is Only for Windows? I stopped using Windows many years ago when I was introduced to Linux. My E-mail is:


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