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Quixel crashing on reimport model




  • Urooj

    Hi powderblue

    Thanks for the report. To investigate the issue, I'll need your log file. Kindly navigate to one of the following paths depending upon your OS and share it with me:

    C:\Users\<username>\AppData\LocalLow\Quixel\Quixel Mixer\Player.log
    Mac OSX

    Also, have you encountered this issue with any other mesh in Mixer when re-importing?

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  • powderblue

    Hi Urooj, thank you for your quick reply. 

    What would be the best way to send you the log? It's currently a bit over 4 mb and can't seem to be able to copy and paste it without the tab freezing. 
    Can't seem to attach files other than images here either? 
    Do let me know. 
    I haven't tried so far with any other meshes, but will probably tomorrow and I'll let you know. 
    Thanks again

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  • powderblue

    Hi again,

    Just tried it with a cube with an extruded and scaled face and didn't have it crash. 
    Basically, i uv unwrapped it, baked the IDs, imported it into Quixel. Then gave it a couple of smart materials masked by ID, went back to Blender, changed the UVs, rebaked and re exported the fbx. 
    I imported it into Quixel by using the reload button and it didn't crash but the model didn't look correct. It's as if it kept the old UVs but overimposed the new ID maps? Again, it got fixed when i re-imported the model by using the load dialogue. 

    Here's the logs, made a github gist for it: https://gist.github.com/irenenaya/683051d5d734e96db6ecb2fa8a7b5afe

    Thanks again

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