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texture sets: very high RAM usage and crashes




  • 20 texture sets is a LOT of texture sets, which is going to use a ton of available RAM and VRAM. You shouldn't be using 20 texture sets for most applications, unless you're developing VFX-quality close-up model shots. Try lowering to a reasonable texture set count, such as 2 or 4.

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  • SLAM

    Got it, thanks.

    Do you think it can be a feature request to be able to use imported model materials data/vertex groups instead of colorId map to assign mixer materials to different parts of the model? 

    I'm pretty new to all this, and I find colorId map baking process very painful.

    • Baking colorId map usually not enough accurate for complex meshes. I'm having blank parts of the mesh in the mixer with a colorId map. I've tried lots of different unwrapping/baking settings, but there's always some small parts end up blank
    • In the end you have just the colors, instead of a proper names of the mesh parts

    On the contrary, it's very easy to select just the needed parts of the mesh and assign vertex groups and materials to them in any 3d app.

    Would be great if there's an ability to use materials/vertex groups data of the imported model to assign different materials to different parts of the model. That's would be a great time saver.

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