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  • Ian

    Hello SteamPunk_07

    Thanks for reaching out. Please note that while attempting to create your own decal, Mixer does not support transparency on the base layer. However, you can manage to create an Opacity map within Mixer if any of the other layers for your mix are close enough to black and white that you can adjust them with a "Gradient Remap" modifier. Once you've added the Gradient Remap, try bringing the "Range" sliders close together in the middle of the slider, this will reduce the gradient effect and make your edges more pronounced. If you choose to create and export the black and white Opacity layer from Mixer, you can create a Custom Export Channel from the bottom of the layer's information panel. Under "Layer Mask" click the dropdown menu and "Add Channel" and name this layer what you'd like to call it upon export. Then, go to the Export tab and "Add Map." Once the extra map has been added, select the drop-down menu and select the map you just created under "Layer Mask" in the previous step. Upon export, your newly created black and white mask will be exported for use as Opacity.

    Alternatively, you can use an external image editing software that will allow you to quickly create a purely black and white image from your existing maps. It will depend on your asset and the existing maps in your project to determine which method will make isolating the asset more simple for you!


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  • SteamPunk_07

    Thanks IAN for the quick help!
    I'm familiar with exporting masks from the lesson ( Export Masks from Quixel Mixer), and of course I can create and edit masks, but when I create my decal and export it to the library, and then I take it from the library, the opacity channel is empty - there is no transparency map in it. Well, you can use another method - I take any decal from the library, it contains an opacity map, after I export this decal, the transparency map is not saved to the library.
    So I wanted to know - is it possible to save a decal to the library without losing the transparency map? I understood that this is not yet possible.

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