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Curvature incorrect for simple model




  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    Try setting your smoothing groups to UV shells as you would when baking an object to bring it in as a low-poly bake texture job. Also ensure that you're using the latest version of Mixer that just released.

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  • MrPotato

    Thanks for your quick response.

    It's still happening in the latest/2021, though I've had the issue in the previous version, too.

    I might be misunderstanding your suggestion. That model doesn't actually have any smoothing at all, the faces are all faceted/flat and thus going to end up as split verts/vertex-normals when exported. That causes some other minor issues in Mixer (like displacement maps "exploding" the mesh rather than deforming it), so maybe that's just not how I'm supposed to be doing this?

    Is there a guide or something on the right way to prepare a model for Mixer in terms of UV seams and normals, aside from the one I linked about UVs in general? Or maybe some example files in obj/fbx/blend/etc format? This might just be me not knowing what I am supposed to be providing - I haven't used Substance Painter or anything like that before.

    I'm actually having another issue I think may be connected to vertex normals that I'll keep out of this topic, but it makes me think these are both because of some mismatch between what Mixer expects and my model data.


    I thought to look at some of the examples that came with the 2021 Mixer. It looks like, though much less so, they do suffer from some similarly unusual edges/cavities. Here's a screenshot of that same white-curvature-over-black I used in my original post applied to the "retextured 3d asset" mix, with a noticeable discontinuity in the curvature map:

    It's much less obvious with the higher resolution mesh, especially in terms of actual effects on smart materials, but it is there.

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