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Cannot Export to R23




  • Yasir (Support Lead)

    Hello BLMRS

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us. Could you kindly share the renderer name and version you are using? Only the latest versions are supported: https://help.quixel.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002073717-Which-DCCs-and-render-engines-can-I-export-assets-to-via-Quixel-Bridge-with-the-Plugins-

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  • nickadoo

    I agree that the lack of community solutions without tickets was confusing! I was able to resolve this exact issue with these steps:

    • Update C4D r23 to the newest version
    • Update Bridge to the newest version and download the C4D MSlink 2.0 plugin from inside of Bridge.

    It still did not work at this point when exporting, but I discovered that the old MSlivelink plugin was not being replaced in the C4D plugins folder.

    • In C4D, open Preferences and click the "Open Preferences Folder" button at the bottom of the menu. Navigate to the plugin folder and delete the old MSlivelink plugin. 
    • Then navigate in your Bridge megascans repository to "/support/plugins/cinema4d/" to manually copy the 2.0 plugin to the C4D plugins folder.
    • Restart both Bridge and C4D and it should be working!
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    Alas none of that is working for me. The plugin doesn't even show in C4D anymore. No mater where I put it. I'm using the latest version of Redshift and R23. Bridge says things are successfully exported but it doesn't show up anywhere in C4D... 

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