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Really strange glitching with model in Quixel Mixer




  • Direc

    Minutes after posting, I've had a revelation and solved my issue (it's nothing to do with Mixer!). I'll share what I did here in case any other beginners were to get stuck with the same problem (I searched far and wide and couldn't find anything close to a solution to my problem, RIP.)

    The odd 'glitched' or backface behaviour was a result of incorrectly calculated normals. In this case, they were incorrectly calculated because the oddly-rendered objects were previously multiple objects that I had joined together with [ Ctrl + J ].

    To recalculate the normals in Blender3D and resolve this issue, I went into edit mode and used [ A ] to select all faces. Then I did [ Alt + N ] and select "Recalculate Outside", followed by doing [ Alt + N ] again and selecting "Recalculate Inside" - interestingly, I had previously attempted to fix this problem with just "Recalculate Outside", and it did not work, so it seemed both may be necessary. After re-exporting the .fbx/.obj file and opening it in Mixer, the behavior of the mesh was as intended (see image at bottom).

    Hopefully my oversight will help someone else in the future :)

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  • Yasir Q

    Hello Direc

    Thank you for reaching out again and sharing the solution to the problem you were experiencing.

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  • Omi

    Thank you !

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  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    Please use the upvote button for short posts like this Omi. Bumping old threads is not recommended.

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