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  • Urooj

    Hi Oleg Antipov,

    Thanks for the report.

    Well, this new feature was introduced in the latest version of Mixer. The 2D/3D view allows you to change how you view your model. 

    2D View: For a plane mesh, the view shifts to a top-down-orthographic view in 2D mode, while a 3D model will display the mesh information on a 2D plane based on its UV layout. When in 2D view, the displacement preview is not supported. You can rotate the plane in this mode viewing from the top of the plane mesh. For Ortho rotational snapping, use Alt+S+Drag
    Tip: Toggle views using the shortcut “P” 

    3D View: You can use this to view your 2d/3d mesh from different angles of your choice. 

    To learn more about Mixer shortcuts, go to Mixer>Help>View shortcuts. 

    You can visit "viewport controls" section in the mixer manual below:

    Hope it helps. :)

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  • Oleg Antipov

    Thanks for the answer, I saw this keyboard shortcut (Alt+S+Drag) but for some reason it does not work for me.

    I hold down the alt-S, then press the left mouse button and start dragging, but no snapping occurs. The model rotates in the same way as if I would just press Alt only and then drag.

    Is this a bug, or should it work differently?

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  • Urooj

    Oleg Antipov Apologies for the inconvenience. Ortho rotational snapping is supported in 2d view only. I have updated my previous comment as well. 

    If you want any changes in the viewport controls, kindly add a feature request below so the devs can have a look:

    Thanks! :)

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