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Edges of faces looking strange and interacting weirdly with the smart material




  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    Hi Andreas,


    I'd recommend redoing this mesh to clean up vertex points and reduce the number of sides in each hole where practicable. The way the geometry is cut right now is leading to a lot of deformed smoothing. You could fix that by just making it flat shaded but there may be underlying curvature issues that will pop up from faces that aren't being divided equitably across the model's surface. Try to avoid long or thin triangles, basically. With regards to UVs, this tutorial for Quixel Suite is still relevant: https://quixel.se/tutorial/uv-mapping-for-the-suite/

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  • AndreasM

    Thanks for the quick reply. This is quite unfortunate since more of much more complicated CAD models will require remodeling then to use Mixer at all. Max doesn't have issues rendering these even with procedural edge/curvature maps applied. I thought Mixer might be interesting for more control and organic paint masking in the shader creation but I don't think it will be feasible if I need to retopologiue each and every model + create absolute perfects UVs for each of them. These are not game/movie assets created from scratch so the extra work in remaking existing CAD models won't be realistic in this instance.

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