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Material ID maps and Actual Materials set on same model




  • ID maps aren't necessary unless you want pre-masked areas to work with. I generally don't use them because I create masks on the fly in my modeling package or in Photoshop and then load them into Mixer as-needed. With regard to the issue you're facing, it's impossible to help without images or a video demonstrating what you're experiencing - please be sure to attach media demonstrating this problem.

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  • Swordsman


    Here i have different materials assigned for wooden part and stone part of this model in Blender, but i can not use those different materials to define those specific parts of the model to work with in Mixer. In this example, i baked a material ID map for this mesh to be able to work with wooden and stone parts seperately in mixer.

    I wanted to know if it is possible to work with those seperate parts without any need for a material ID map or mask; like simply using already assigned different materials as material IDs to define which part i want to work with in Mixer. I am asking this because Mixer is actually aware of different materials on the mesh; but unfortunately using that information only to create different texture sets. Thanks again.


    Edit: Here is the actual mesh with 2 materials assigned on it:

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