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  • Ian - Product Support Specialist

    Hello dotu

    Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us. You can output a "layer mask" from Mixer by using the "Custom Export Channels" feature from the bottom of the layer palette on any layer. This would then give you a way to quickly edit masks in external image editors like photoshop if needed.

    To do this, create the black and white image you'd like to use as your layer mask using the mask stack tools.

    Once the mask is completed how you'd like, you'll then need to designate the layer with an Export Channel via Custom Export Channels options. For this instance, I've called the Custom Export Channel - "LayerMask."

    Once your Custom Export Channel has been designated, you may then add that channel to a new map within your Export Settings. To do this, click on "Advanced Texture Setup" within your Export tab.

    Select "Add Map" from the bottom of the list and name the new map accordingly. Again, I've used LayerMask as my map name.

    Once the map has been added to your export, we'll need to designate the specific channel that we created earlier to be contained within the map.

    Once the map has been titled and the channels have been added, you'll see the new addition of LayerMask to our list of maps to be exported. Then click Export.

    You can now see that in addition to Albedo, Ao, Displacement, Metalness, Normal, and Roughness, that "LayerMask" has been added as an output in our designated export folder. 

    With this technique, you can even designate different masks to individual channels in your custom export. 


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  • cannasoftware

    This appears to be grayed out for the either the current Beta or the macOS version (I’m only running macOS so I can’t tell you which).

    With Bridge I can create custom texture maps (for example, put Normals, AO and Height in a single texture), but Mixer appears to be not to allow me to do that.

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