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Bridge not working



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  • Laila Shahzad


    Thanks for posting on our Forum. Please try the below:

    Check your Timezone Settings:
    Make sure that both set time automatically and set timezone automatically are checked in order for Bridge to run efficiently. If these settings are not in place, you will be faced with a blank screen when you launch Bridge.

    For Windows: Settings > Time and Language.
    For MacOS: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT203413

    Local firewalls (e.g. Windows Firewall) or Antivirus programs:
    Bridge requires admin rights (on Windows) and unrestricted internet access. Make sure local firewalls (e.g. Windows Firewall) or antivirus programs are not interfering with your connection or blocking Bridge.
    Here is an article explaining how to allow/block applications in windows firewall How To Allow Or Block Apps In Windows Firewall in Windows 10.
    Before running Bridge, right click on Bridge icon and select "Run as Administrator". 

    If the issue persists, please make a video of all the problems you are encountering, upload to streamable.com and paste the link here once processed, so we may be able to assist further. Thank you!

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