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Metal Materials looks weird in Unreal Engine




  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    Enable metallic controls and set the metallic value to white. That should make it look like it does in Bridge.

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  • Lissity

    I tried enabling the metallic controls and setting the value to white, but the look of the material is still the same.

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  • Ian

    Hello Lissity

    When you first import the Bronze Surface into Unreal Engine, this is what you'll get.

    In your material instance, activate the "Metallic" map input and search for "Metalness." This will input a solid white texture which is perfect for this surface as it is entirely metallic.

    To control the amount of roughness the now-metallic surface has, you can activate the Roughness controls under Section 04.

    By reducing the "Max Roughness" amount, you can get something very shiny, almost chrome-like. Alternatively, by increasing the minimum roughness, you can achieve a much more "matte" look.

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