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mixer 2021.1 beta incredibly slow and with crashes



  • Elleclouds

    I agree... even opening it takes forever to render targets.  I have a pretty hefty computer and graphics card 3090 with 64 gb ram but Mixer constantly crashes when exporting and takes a long time time to open a session.  It's weird because when I first installed it, it just worked.  

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  • VitLoss

    I often do not crash ... but sometimes it loses connection with resources (textures in layers)
    I am ready to endure long loading of projects (if you think about it, this is not a problem at all)

    BUT VERY SLOW painting with a brush ... so slow that it can be considered the absence of such a possibility, alas ... and this should be almost the main function of this program ... alas ... well, how can it be!
    and the lack of a transparency map also interferes with working ...
    but I like the Mixer. Many thanks to everyone who makes it ... I hope the Mixer keeps getting better and better!

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