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UE crashes sometimes when exporting from Bridge to UE4




  • Locky Reid

    Looking into this further it appears that the Foliage_Material is being moved to a newly created folder marked with a _00 suffix.
    And then when the material instances are being created for the exported asset it's still trying to find the Master Material here:


    but its been moved to:


    I'm not sure what is causing the material to be removed, but we've noticed no crashes once we have this _00 folder (if we revert the original Foliage_Material back into its original folder).

    The other thing we have noticed is that when exporting from Bridge, it doesn't appear to recognize existing assets anymore, and no longer warns us that its already been exported to UE4. When exporting again, we end up with duplicate folders complete with full reexports of the asset.

    for example:


    We are using UE4.27, Bridge plugin version 7.3 and megascans ue4 plugin version 0.1.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    Thanks for the report. You should have a ZenDesk ticket in your inbox - we'll take this to our ticketing system for assistance.

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