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General Baking and ID questions from a new Mixer user



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  • Hi Guille_la_zoom

    Thanks for writing in!

    About the first part of your report, that is true. Baking maps in Mixer is currently not supported. You need to import maps separately. 
    Moving to the next part of your report, to use a color id map in Mixer, you'll need to import the file into your Mix.

    • Go to Mixer>Setup tab>Edit Texture Sets

    • Select your texture set
    • Go to Material ID map and click on the folder icon
    • Select the Id map and click on Open
      The Material Id map will be loaded into your Mix. 
    • Load a layer into the viewport and select the ID button at the bottom to enable it on the layer, as highlighted below:

    Now you can simply check and uncheck the boxes to apply a specific map. 

    Other than this, Mixer now supports Multiple Texture Sets and Udims. That means, you can now apply textures based on the materials you have created in your modelling tool. 
    For more details, please visit this section of our Mixer manual: https://docs.quixel.com/mixer/1/en/topic/multi-texture-set-support 
    Hope it was helpful. :)


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