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Bridge Material to Blender without any node connected




  • Yasir Q

    Hello eonliu

    We'll be in touch via email.

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  • litmus2

    Yasir Q 
    Sorry, but what is this weird way of handling forum posts?
    You guys have to know that a lot of people will have the same issues down the line.
    Yet you'd rather play it mysterious and answer in private, so nobody who reads through the forums is ANY wiser?
    I have the same issue, so I'm supposed to make a new thread? If you answered this in this thread, me and who knows how many more people could maybe find the answer right here, instead we have to flood the forum with new posts. Makes no sense to me.

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  • Jonathan (Community Manager)

    litmus2 we occasionally need to discuss personal/private information which is not permissible to discuss in the open - neither professionally nor on any conscionable level.

    In your situation, we'll be in touch with you directly via email as well.

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