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M_MS_Surface_Material displacement/blue channel unused




  • Ian - Product Support Specialist

    Hello RTG_Dan

    You are correct. The packed maps included in the ARD texture are AO, Roughness, and Displacement. Please note, however, that Displacement isn't utilized in the current build of Unreal Engine 5 (EA or Preview I) in the same way that it was utilized in Unreal Engine 4. Because traditional tesseallation has been replaced by Nanite the displacement channel that is packed cannot be used for vertex painting using the blend material. While the blend material still works, it can no longer utilize displacement.

    The displacement channel included with the channel-pack is there in support of various height blending scenarios such as those used with Landscapes, such as Virtual Heightfields and Runtime Virtual Textures as well as for use in shader creation.

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  • RTG_Dan

    OK thanks Ian, makes sense. 

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